The SafeStore Auto vault is a unique system of self-service access to automatic safe deposit boxes. SafeStore Auto enables customers to use the rented locker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After positive identification at the entrance door to the main room, the customer is subject to further verification at the terminal by using the chip card, entering the correct PIN number on the touch screen of the device and biometric authentication. Once the authorisation is successfully completed, the SSA machine retrieves the assigned deposit box from the interior of the Vault and transports it to the customer service desk where they can securely and discreetly access ONLY the contents of their deposit box. When the action is completed, the customer instructs the system to deposit the issued box and the robot transports the box to its assigned location inside the Vault.


Correct identification triggers the robot which issues the deposit box through the terminal. Staff do not have keys or codes to open the door to the Vault. This is due to the fact that the daily operation of the vault machine does not require opening its doors. The door to our SafeStore Auto is locked at all times. The interior of the Vault is the domain of the robot visible here.

The SafeControl operating system has passed a security check conducted by the German company FIDUCIA IT AG (operating data processing centres in over 800 banks in Germany) as a result of which it has been approved for use in bank branches. In addition, the IT system of our device has the German OPDV certificate - Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, which defines the highest standard of security in the field of IT. This certificate not only concerns the reliability and stability of the system operation, but also applies to system tamper-proofing in a particular manner. In 2021, the German manufacturer increased security by introducing a new generation of encryption cards. It excludes the phenomenon of 'skimming.' It is not enough just to have a reader, as the reader must have a special module and be provided with a password valid for that particular vault system.

Our Vault is constantly protected by an external security agency. The entire Vault is laced with several independent alarm systems and in its vault panels and doors there is another alarm system, which is cast in concrete, covering the entire area of the Vault and feeder. The SafeControl operating system records and stores all the operations performed by the deposit robot and the logins to the feeding terminal. The event log with the history of a given deposit box may be made available to its Owner at any time.

The SafeControl programme, administering the entire Vault, is a comprehensive system for managing automatic safe deposit boxes, enabling full administration and supervision over the procedure of renting and using our boxes. The customer gains access to their deposits via chip card and/or PIN code and/or a biometric reader. With the Safe Control system, the customer is able to access their deposit box without any assistance from staff. Each box opening is monitored and automatically recorded in the SSA secured vault database.